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Need to tell the world how much of a failure you are of a man? Then send your sissy pictures to sissy@strict-mistress.co.uk - and we’ll not only expose you here on this page, but we might even pop you in a magazine, too. Yes, preserved in print forever! As the sissy you are!

When a guy would rather put on a nappy and prance around like a baby girl, then it’s hard not look at him and think to yourself: ‘What an utterly pathetic failure of a man.’ And that’s obviously what this sissy’s wife thought, as in Little Fanny Mattie’s own words: “My wife actually left me several years ago due in large part to my pathetic excuse at lovemaking. She had grown tired of being unfulfilled by my babyish peenie which would regularly ejaculate prematurely in mere seconds of any sexual arousal.  But the last straw might have come when after she asked me what my deepest fantasies were. I bashfully confessed my submissive desires to her, and asked her if she'd consider regularly spanking me and then dominating me with a strap-on. So, I can hardly blame her for wanting to leave. Because what woman wants to do any of that to her supposedly manly husband?”


Too right, Mattie! We’re on her side. You clearly weren’t cut out for married life. You’re better off just sticking to being a girl!

I don’t blame Sissy Chantelle for wearing a mask, as I’d want to hide my face away if I was such a laughing stock of a loser male. This limp and tiny dicked man has never once made his wife climax; and is often forced to bring home more masculine men to keep his wife fully satisfied.


Luckily for him, Sissy Chantelle’s wife is quite a dominant lady and she enjoys dressing him up in sissy clothing and making him watch as she fucks real men. She also encourages him to suck her lovers’ dicks and quite often makes him take their manhoods up the arse. And typically, that’s the only thing that ever gives Chantelle a hard-on these days. Because he can’t crack a boner from the sight of his wife naked. But he can when a stud sticks his dick up sissy’s arse.


What a mess,eh! Born male but can’t please a woman and gets off on being screwed by proper men! That’s classic sissy slut behaviour, in our view, and well worthy of exposure on the Strict Mistress site.