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Originally from Birmingham but currently living in the Netherlands, Sissy John  first realised he was a sissy cross-dresser when he found his mum’s naughty lingerie and big vibrating dildo. Having never been very convincing as a man, he decided to dress up and play with mum’s things; and dressing all girlie and sticking a dildo up his bum felt right to him from that very first moment. Since then, his desire to be female has grown and grown; and he now has his own collection of slutty women’s clothing, including body stockings, latex outfits, fishnets, leather and Gothic-style gear - the type of things REAL men don’t wear.


Sissy John says his biggest fantasy is: “To be tied up in a hotel room by a dominant guy who has invited along a group of at least 10 other men. I would be forced to take everything I’m offered, then once I’ve been fully fucked and am covered in cum, I’d be left tied up to be found and humiliated by room service or housekeeping. And I also fantasise about a Mistress or Master feminising me and whoring me out on the street and at glory holes.’


Oh, John! What a dirty sissy slut you are!




Sissy slut swallows stud's erection


Sissy takes a facial



Looking this gay, poor Sissy John will never be able to PLEASURE A WOMAN, but at least this COCK-HUNGRY TV SLUT is more than willing to gobble up dicks and pleasure MULTIPLE MEN.


Sissy John is back in the closet for now...


But we’re sure he will return...


There is no escaping one’s true sissy nature...


Once a sissy, then always a sissy...