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Abagail, you’ve got it all the wrong way round. When a man watches a porn film, he’s supposed to identify with the horse-hung guy, not the sexy girl. But as Abagail admits: ‘Whenever I’ve watched porn, I’ve always wanted to be the one dressed in lingerie and make-up who is being fucked hard by the big stud.’


Silly sissy! We shudder to think just how many porn films Abagail must have wanked over while imagining himself as the female lead, but one thing is for sure - it has completely wiped away all trace of his masculinity. Because Abagail is now obsessed with wearing girlie clothes - and especially lace thongs and stockings. He even wears them under his drab clothes at work, so he feels horny and slutty all the time.


And what would he most love to do while dressed in his girlie attire. He confesses: ‘I long to be taken to a glory hole to serve all the alphas who need relief.  I want to feel my mouth completely full of cum and have streams of the stuff dripping down my face. I’d also love to be a maid serving at a dinner party who gets ordered to go under the table and suck off all the guys sitting there.’



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Stockings on! COCK CAGE on! Make-up on! Lingerie on! Now let’s go find the nearest GLORY HOLE and get this SPUNK-HUNGRY SISSY all covered in cum!