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Try not to laugh, as poor Candice Puffball really cannot help how much of a pathetic girlie man he is. The shameful desire to dress like a female has been a part of his make-up from a very young age; and no matter how embarrassing he might look to some, and no matter how much he might have failed as a man, there’s is just no way of stopping this silly, little sissy from prancing around in frilly pink dresses, petticoats, ribbons, silky stockings and strappy shoes.


Candice dreams of serving a dominant Mistress who would make him cross-dress every day. He says: “I’d love to be forced to dress in pink silk and satin by my Mistress every morning, then to be tied up and kept in bondage, so I was completely helpless throughout the day.” And surprise surprise, this cock-hungry sissy would then want his Mistress to  bring in a number of well-hung men to make full use of her sissy’s oral and anal orifices. Yes, completely tied up and unable to move, and with his knickers down round his ankles, sissy would be made to pleasure endless cocks and swallow every last drop of real man’s spunk. Oh, he’s desperate for that! He says: ‘I’d love to find a truly strict Mistress who would keep me utterly sissified and humiliated, because that’s what a pathetic pantyfairy like me deserves!”



Then email candicepuffball@gmail.com.

Sissy cross-dresser minces in maid outfit
Sissy looking gay in white lingerie
Locked sissy shows off caged cock in see-through knickers


Crossdresser in sissy maid uniform



Whether prancing around like a BALLET DANCER or doing the dusting in a FRENCH MAID UNIFORM, this complete and utter failure of masculinity has never once CONVINCED AS A MAN!

Sissy from Yorkshire in French maid outfit
Sissy tied up in maid uniform