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Wesley has a secret that he keeps from all his family and friends - that he’s a cock-hungry faggot with a tiny, useless penis that he locks away in chastity while wearing women’s clothes. This complete and utter failure of a man now calls himself Lucy Nova and has a passion for short skirts, panties and heels, because they feel more right to him than the dull male clothing he’s expected to wear. Oh, and better still, they also make him look real cute and fuckable - and so they allow him to flirt with and seduce real men!


Of course, Wesley/Lucy has never been a real man himself, but he does know how to pleasure one! And once dressed in sissy clothing, and with his limp dick caged and padlocked, he will gladly get down on his knees to worship every inch of a Master’s huge cock, before dropping his panties and spreading his cheeks to take a good, hard fucking in his sissy hole. He also - peculiar man that he is - gets off on the idea of shrinking his already tiny prick even more. In fact, he’d like to see it shrivel away to the point of invisibility, because Wesley/Lucy believes that a true sissy slut should be completely emasculated in every way - and what could be more emasculating than a laughable one-inch cock?



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