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Sissy Tammy doesn’t just fail as a man, but he’s cursed with a kinky nature, too. He has a major fetish for massive boobs and loves to put on his falsies and watch them wobble, or he’ll tweak and stroke the big false nipples and imagine them being sucked by a man. He also likes to put on female masks made from faces cut from magazines, or he’ll wear his plastic blowjob lips and then practice sucking cocks with his many dildos.


Of course, dressing up in big false boobs and comic strip lips means he’ll never find a girlfriend like a normal man. And even if he did, she’d have no luck with his tragically tiny dick, which he likes to keep locked in a chastity cage and which is far too small for a woman to feel. And that’s one reason why this limp-dicked loser spends so much time practising with his phallic toys. You see, he knows his only chance of ever getting laid is if he learns how to arouse and satisfy real men, so he puts on his false boobs, corset and stockings and tries to look like a sexy girl. Then he fantasises about being a full-time sissy cum-dump who is forced to suck endless rock-hard dicks.



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