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This limp-dicked sissy whore has been cross-dressing since his teenage years; and has always known his true role on earth is that of a cock-hungry sissy slut. He loves to wear black lingerie, especially black stockings and pantyhose; and loves to doll himself up for hardcore meets with dominant real men who are free to do whatever they like to Simona’s feminised body.


Simona dreams of being kidnapped and transformed into a full-time sissy hooker who is forced to walk the streets in high heels every night - and who gets pimped out to anyone who is willing to pay the right price for his arse. He also enjoys being placed in bondage and bossed about by manly men. You see, he accepts he is just a totally dumb and utterly brainless sissy bimbo whore, so he longs for a dominant daddy who will tell him exactly what to do.


And Simona has very few limits! Yes, despite being hidden away in the closet to all his friends and family, he’s open to taking part in gang-bangs and being filmed in action. So, basically, whatever daddy wants!



Then email simonatv@hotmail.com.


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