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Married Sissy Leah is hoping and praying that his wife never finds his exposure page, because the poor woman doesn’t have a clue that her husband loves putting on panties, stockings and bras - and she certainly isn’t aware that he likes to visit his local sex store and suck hard dicks at the glory hole. She thinks that she is married to a big, butch real man - not a limp-dicked pansy who is addicted to the taste of spunk. And the same applies to all Leah’s friends who have no idea just how gay this faggot really is or how much he loves sticking butt plugs up his anus!


It’s a shame, really! We are sure they would all love to hear the story of how Leah went for a late night walk fully cross-dressed in his local park at the age of 22 - and ended up being forced to suck a well-hung stranger’s cock until it was squirting fresh spunk right the way down his throat. And we’re sure they’d also love to know about Sissy Leah’s ultimate fantasy, which is to start taking oestrogen pills, grow even bigger breasts and to work full-time as a sissy prostitute! And frankly, that’s probably all this slut is fit for - a life on the streets sucking hard dicks for cash!



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Married sissy Leah cross-dressed in a sex store
Sissy husband Leah cross-dressing behind his wife's back
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There is a reason why MARRIED SISSY Leah hangs out in his local SEX STORE dressed in a pink bra, corset and fishnet tights! It’s because the store has a GLORY HOLE where this filthy little bitch can suck the spunk from real men’s dicks!

Gay sissy Leah with a mouthful of glory hole cock
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