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Sub sissy Karen blames his sister for the sorry failure of a man he’s turned out to be! Apparently, he was used as a dress up doll from an early age by his ‘forceful’ sibling; and he quickly got to like the feel of his legs being clad in sheer nylon tights and of prancing around in a pretty little dress. Not, of course, that that in any way excuses the fact that he’s still doing the same thing years and years later. After all, it’s one thing being encouraged to play dressing up games by an older sister for a bit of fun - but it’s quite another thing to still being playing those same dressing up games all on your own as a full grown man.


He’s addicted, though! Poor Karen just cannot resist the lure of a French maid uniform or anything far too frilly and pink. And worse, he also has a passion for locking his shrivelled dick in chastity and even dreams of being kidnapped and forced to life as a full-time sissy maid. We’re sure that’s not what his sister really had in store for him, though. She clearly just wanted a Barbie doll to dress up and play with. If she only knew, it had come to this...




Email him/her at sissykaren@yahoo.com or Tweet him/her @Sissy_Karen.




This girlie male dreams of having his limp dick locked in PERMANENT CHASTITY and spending the rest of his life as a cute SISSY MAID!


And why the hell not? What else is he fit for?