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Let’s hope this tragic sissy isn’t ever hoping to have sex with a woman again - well, assuming he has ever had sex with a girl, which would seem unlikely - because the shameful pictures on this page expose him as a mincing fag who loves to prance around in lacy lingerie, stiletto heels and a bright pink wig. And it’s something he’s been doing for years and years and years and years, ever since he first got all excited by the feel of his mother’s dresses. Apparently, he used to rub them against his tiny little clitoris and get hopelessly excited by the feminine feel of the fabrics, then before he knew it, he was slipping them on and pretending to be a pretty girl.


What a tragedy, eh? He could have turned out to be a normal man were it not for the lure of his mother’s sexy dresses, but instead he has grown up to be a BDSM-obsessed sissy slave who dreams of being kidnapped by a dominant woman who would transform him into a slutty little princess and put him to work on the streets as a whore! And we think that’s what this sissy deserves - a lifetime of sucking the creamy spunk out of real men’s dicks for cash!



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Tragic masculine failure Helga in see-through black undies
Failed Italian male in pink wig and stockings
Italian sissy Helga exposed in lingerie
Gay Italian sissy slut Helga