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Devina has been a big sissy forever! Even as a teenager, he went sneaking into his first ever girlfriend’s room to secretly borrow her undies and school uniform, and all these years later, he still has a relentless and desperate desire to dress in women’s clothing. He confesses: ‘My favourite things to wear are stockings, high heels, miniskirts and tight blouses, plus I have a major fetish for raincoats and macs. Especially PVC ones!


Once dressed in his favoured stockings and PVC raincoat, this once married man gets hungry for cock. He admits: ‘My sissy fantasises are many but often include me being locked away in chastity for a long time or even in full bondage, or to be dressed like a slut and then used by a group of real men. I also particularly love the thought of being forced to walk the streets by a powerful dominatrix while wearing just lingerie and stockings under a short PVC mac. And my Mistress would make me flash my undies every now and then as an act of public humiliation, but also in the hope of attracting the attention of lots of horny guys, so it would all end up with me down on my knees sucking lots of hard cocks while Mistress watches.’



Then email devinatv@yahoo.co.uk.

Sissy transvestite with PVC raincoat fetish
London sissy slut
Sissy slut pleasures dominant male admirer


Do you recognise this sissy slut?



Where is the STRICT MISTRESS who will force this sissy into a PVC RAINCOAT, then lead him through the streets of London in search of ROCK-HARD COCKS to suck?

Sissy in short skirt and stockings