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This masculine failure isn’t remotely interested in sleeping with women like most guys his age, as he’d much rather dress up in a frilly pink frock and ribbons, then drop to his knees to honour and worship a dominant older admirer’s dick. He was never cut out to be a normal man and has always had a desire to mince around in lacy petticoats, silky skirts, pretty bras and knickers and sheer silk stockings. And as soon as he puts on his fairy clothes, he starts to hunger for attention from much older men.


Sissy Beth is fully accepting of his need to swallow spunk and please mature studs in whatever way they wish. He also understands that his girlie desires mean he will be ruined as a man forever and that he’ll never be able to have a girlfriend and function like a real man does. But none of that bothers him - and he is happy for his limp cock to be placed in chastity and for every trace of his masculinity to be completely worn away over time. Because he is, quite purely and simply, a total masculine failure and true sissy slut - one who is doomed from this moment on to be nothing more than a place where old men can dump their sticky spunk.



Then email beth.sissy@outlook.com.

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There’s only one thing this COCK-HUNGRY SISSY loves more than gobbling up his HUGE BLACK DILDO - and that’s sucking the spunk from the throbbing tip of a dominant OLDER ADMIRER’S prick!