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Let’s hope that some extremely well-endowed black men stumble upon this particular page, because lifelong sissy slut  Andi Kayne has a desperate desire for huge black cocks. He has always loved wearing female clothing, especially bikinis, sun dresses and little black frocks, and he goes all gay when he puts them on. And he dreams of meeting and marrying a hung black stud who will force him to live full-time as a woman and drop his girlie panties for sex every night.


Oddly, this wannabe sissy bride is fairly open about his womanly desires - and even his wife knows that he’s a masculine failure who feels happier in bikinis than in real man’s clothes. However, we’re not so sure that he’s told his wife about his desperate lust for big black cocks, though maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea. After all, that woman has had to put up with her sissy husband’s limp-dicked love-making for far too long, so she probably could use some black cock herself. So, a threesome could be the perfect answer...



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Sissy in black wig


Arizona Sissy Andi in bikini
Sissy slut Andi
Andi Kayne's sissy exposure form
Sissy's dick pokes out of red negligee