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Sissy Alana cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to wear his sister’s clothes. From a very young age, he would sneak into her bedroom and steal her panties, skirts and bras, then as soon as he was alone in the house, he would transform into a pretty girl. And nothing has changed since he’s grown into an adult - because he still cross-dresses at every opportunity and dreams of living his life as a girl.


Of course, some men just aren’t cut out to be men - and Sissy Alana is a classic example of failed masculinity. He admits that his favourite things to wear are ‘short dresses and miniskirts’ and that his ultimate fantasy is to ‘go back in time and be a very young sissy girl and get to go to school in my pretty uniform’. But these are secrets he keeps from all his family and friends who have no idea that he fails as a man, so please share this page all over the Internet in the hope that someone recognises him. Because the world must know that he is not a real man - and like all sissy males, he must be fully exposed.



Then email alexia_nancy09@hotmail.com.

Sissy Alana in tiny blue dress


Mexican transvestite Alana
Mexican sissy Alana
Cute sissy Alana
Masculine failure Alana