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This pathetic sissy started cross-dressing after his wife left him after 20 years of almost sexless marriage. She’d endured his tiny cock and impotence for far too long, and after a couple of quite understandable affairs, she decided to leave this loser forever. And left to his own devices, what did this limp-dicked faggot start to do? He only went and started raiding his unsuspecting teenage daughter’s stash of girlie clothes and dressing up in her dirty knickers, lingerie and stockings.


And from there, it was only a matter of time before Sissy Mike was buying his own female clothes and hanging around in gents toilets in the hope of getting a hard dick in his mouth. He also explains that he’s: ‘buying lots of sex toys at the moment and experimenting with anal penetration. I just love the feel of a sex-toy up my arsehole. It gives me so much more satisfaction than trying to have sex with my wife ever did.’


Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear, Sissy Mike! What a shameless sissy perv you are!




Read his blog at Shameless Pervert.



This pathetic sissy’s wife left home because his tiny dick was TOO LIMP TO PLEASE!


Now he spends all his time in WOMEN’S CLOTHING and sucks off real men in PUBLIC TOILETS!

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