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This sissy slut was trying to live as a normal man a few years ago, but his desperate desire to be a cross-dressed whore has finally got the better of him. He just cannot resist the urge to wear female clothing - especially bikinis, short skirts and fishnets stockings. And as soon as he puts on a girlie outfit, this slut gets a desperate urge to suck cock.


Michelle dreams of being turned into a full-time sissy whore who is made to walk the streets and suck off cocks to earn his keep. He also loves the thought of being kidnapped and forced into permanent chastity by a strict Master or Mistress who would force-feed him female hormones. And those hormones would make him grow big bouncy breasts and cause his worthless dick to shrivel away, till it was no bigger than a woman’s clit.


But all this is totally secret for now - and no one knows that Michelle is a pathetic sissy cock whore! But that could soon change if we all share this page and help show the world what a sissy he is...



Then email subchastity@gmx.de.


Sissy fag Michelle
Sissy faggot in red fishnet stockings
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