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Pandora Pansy first realised he was a sissy during an early raid on his mother's lingerie drawer. He recalls: ‘I just adored all those soft and silky garments and couldn’t resist holding them against my skin and feeling just how wonderful they felt whille at the same time knowing it was wrong.’


Actually, it’s VERY wrong, you pathetic sissy, but that hasn’t killed the urge for Pandora. He says: ‘To this day, my favourite things to wear are panties and nightdresses. I just love silky things; and I really also love panties that have a lace waist band - something obviously feminine that might easily get noticed peeping out above my man jeans!’


And what about his sexual fantasies? He explains: ‘They usually involve me being caught in women’s undies. I love the idea of a pretty woman noticing that I am wearing panties - and I have, in fact, made this happen on a few occasions. I also have a lot of cuckold fantasies, most of which my wife turns to reality. She has a regular lover that lives nearby, whom she sees most weeks for sex.’



Then email pandorapansy2015@gmail.com.



Sissy male Pandora Pansy in black knickers
Failed male Hew in schoolgirl uniform
Pathetic man in silky pink nightie
Margate sissy cuffed and gagged and with caged cock poking out of white panties


Sissy man in nightie
Man in red women's knickers