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There once was a time when Sissy Jenny tried hard to be a normal man - and he even had a proper girlfriend for a while! But of course, he couldn't resist the urge to borrow his girlfriend’s feminine panties and bras, which triggered his descent into the shameful world of sissyhood - a world from which he has never been able to escape. And it’s a world into which this limp-dicked loser plunges deeper and deeper with each passing day. Because what began with Sissy Jenny just jerking off in lingerie now involves a full transvestite transformation, complete with shaven legs, make-up, a slutty blonde wig and stiletto heels, as well as extensive anal training with butt plugs, dildos and vibes.


And it goes without saying that this descent into extreme sissydom means this full-time fairy has zero chance of ever getting another girlfriend again. But luckily, his deep-seated sissy nature means he is happy to go pussy-free for the rest of his life - and that he’s also happy to be the female in any future relationship. Yes, he’ll gladly be a willing slut for any hung male lover who wants to stick his rock-hard dick in Jenny’s lips or gaping ring.



Then email jensub@outlook.de or follow @SissyJenny_54 on Twitter.


Tragic sissy loser Jenny from Erfurt in Germany
German sissy Jenny reveals limp caged cock
Limp-dicked sissy slut Jenny from Erfurt


Even when he doesn’t wear his CHASTITY CAGE, Sissy Jenny’s useless manhood stays pathetically limp. In fact, the only time it ever gets hard is when he fantasises about SWALLOWING SPUNK from the throbbing helmet of a REAL MAN’S dick.

Gay sissy Jenny shows off butt plug in split-crotch panties
Sissy Jenny in pink lingerie with chastity cage on show