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This cock-hungry sissy slut lives full-time as a female and has even changed her name to Debbie by deed poll. She is fully feminised every day, because she simply wasn’t cut out to be a man - but also because, by living as a woman, she gets to flirt, tease and pleasure real men all the time. As she explains: “Everybody knows I am trans and live my life as a woman but no one knows just exactly how much of a dirty, slutty cock whore I am.”


Sissy Debbie loves to wear latex, PVC and all forms of tight, slutty clothing - anything that’s likely to drive a man wild! She fantasises about living as a sissy slave to a horse-hung Master who would force her to pleasure all his male friends and expose her in public in slutty attire. She also has a filthy passion for licking the arses of proper men - and will gladly press her tongue deep between a hairy arse crack to taste a man’s bumhole, however dirty. Yuck!


Yep, she’s a proper sex slut is Transwhore Debbie and has few, if any, limits when it comes to pleasing men. She’d even be up for being pimped out and having her sexual services sold to all-comers. What a slut!



Email transwhoreuk@gmail.com.


When a LINGERIE-CLAD SISSY admits to liking the taste of a REAL MAN’S ANUS, then there’s only one word to describe her - SLUT!!!