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Just when you think you have seen it all, then along comes a sissy beta-male who takes faggotry to a whole new level. Yes, along comes someone like Sissy Claire, a hopeless submissive and wannabe slut, who loves to dress in panties and lingerie and dreams of serving alpha-males.


Sissy Claire’s descent into the shameful realm of sissydom began with a panty fetish that has now got way, way out of hand. He loves sheathing his limp dick in silk and satin and taking photos of his panty-clad butt cheeks - and when he thinks of real men looking at those photos, his girlie panties start to bulge and he longs to be a real man’s bitch.


In fact, nowadays Claire is such a big sissy that he would willingly submit to any alpha-male; and he dreams of being spanked, caned, humiliated, tied up, teased and forced to cock. And though he might beg his Master to stop sometimes - and might wriggle and try to break free from bondage - he will always end up obeying and honouring his Master like a true sissy should. With a willing mouth and a willing arsehole!



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Sissy Claire bends over in panties
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