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Sometimes discovering a particular fabric can completely and utterly destroy a man - and in Toni’s case, it was PVC. There was just something about that black shiny material that made him long to transform into a girl. He felt desperate to encase his dull male body in tight PVC corsets, slinky PVC dresses and often PVC lingerie, too. He just loved seeing himself in the mirror all done up to look like a kinky PVC sex doll, with that seductive, sexy shiny fabric clinging oh, so tight to his smoothly shaven skin.


And then next he started to want to bring that kinky PVC sex doll to life. Because despite having always considered himself to be straight, wearing PVC clothing made him hungry for cock. Yes, he longed to feel a real man’s hands sliding all over his PVC-clad body and then to kneel down and swallow that real man’s cock. But to this day, he still remains terrified of giving in to his sissy urges by taking that first hard dick in his mouth.


But that must change - and it must change soon! This PVC sex doll needs putting to use...  



Then email tonyco1977@gmail.com or follow @Sissytoni on Twitter.

Wannabe sissy slut in PVC thigh-boots
Sissy slut in kinky boots and fishnets


Blonde-haired sissy slut in fetish clothing
Sissy upskirt
Sissy slut chained up and ignored by Mistress