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All his friends and family think that Sissy Winnie is a normal heterosexual man who would never dream of putting on a pair of panties or serving as a sissy maid. They have been conned into thinking of him as ‘totally straight’ when the truth is he is ‘totally bent’. For example, he loves to wear lingerie, make-up, wigs and stockings. And he loves to tidy, dust and clean for powerful women who laugh at him and call him names. And he also loves to prance around like a pathetic little pansy - and he longs to suck the cocks of real men and dreams of becoming a full-time sissy cum-slut.


Quite how Sissy Winnie has managed to keep all this a secret is something of a mystery, because when a man is such a complete and utter failure of masculinity, it ought to be obvious to all and sundry just how tragically and embarrassingly pathetic he really is. You would even expect total strangers to pick up on his total lack of testosterone; and to guess - and it would be a correct guess - that he is cursed with a tiny, impotent prick. Because it just seems blatantly obvious that he’s a truly tragic loser who was never cut out to be a real man. And that’s why this sissy must now be exposed - to ensure that EVERYONE knows the true score!



Then email tuktaluc@gmail.com.


Belgian sissy Winnie in pink babydoll nightie and tight pink panties
Sissy maid Winnie dusts in leopard-print basque
Belgian sissy Luc Van Win washing up in see-through red lingerie


Tiny-dicked loser SISSY WINNIE isn’t man enough to please a woman in bed and is only fit for DOMESTIC DUTIES like dusting, cleaning, washing up and swallowing the spunk from a hung MASTER’S PRICK!

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Sissy Winnie exposed in slutty lingerie