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If you thought that being a trucker was a manly job, then it’s time for you to think again, because this long-distance lorry driver spends more time hanging around in lay-bys wearing women’s clothes than he spends on the road in his big, butch truck. His job is to deliver heavy loads, but he’s much more interested in receiving heavy loads - and of course, what we are talking about here is thick and heavy loads of spunk, which he loves to take in his mouth and his cock-hungry arsehole.


Of course, none of Becki’s fellow drivers or family have any idea that he keeps bras, knickers, short skirts and stockings hidden away in his truck for his dressing up games. And they certainly don’t know that he arranges sex meets in secluded lay-bys and dogging spots where he can act all girlie for a real man. They all think of him as a normal masculine trucker, but the truth is Becki is a filthy sissy slut - one who is always on the look-out for another big dick he can take in his mouth, or even for a big group of guys who can spunk all over him, Bukkake-style...




Then find him on Twitter as @trucker13becki

or hang out on the M25 services.

Sissy trucker dogging in bra and kickers
Slutty sissy trucker in pink negligee at dogging spot
Sissy's caged cock visible through lacy pink knickers


Transvestite trucker Becki outside in green lingerie
Sissy trucker Becki flashing his stocking tops by the roadside
Sissy trucker Becki Cheaply