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Some guys, eh? They’re just such fucking sissies! Take Steve, for instance - as soon as he moved into his own place, the very first thing he did was to rush to a sex shop and buy his first ever bra and panties set. He admits that he pretended he was buying them for a girlfriend, but we’re sure the store owner saw through that. After all, Steve looks way too big a sissy to ever get a girlfriend and we bet he had a visible boner at the thought of putting on his first ever set of lingerie, as that’s what happens with genuine Nancy Boys.


And Steve is a genuine Nancy Boy! He confesses that his favourite thing to wear is the pink bra, suspender briefs and stockings set pictured on this page. But he’s also very fond of his French maid uniform and anything that makes him look like a slut. He also has some very slutty fantasies. He says: “I love the idea of a woman arranging for a group of really big-dicked men to cum all over my face. She would just sit there and laugh while I was being covered in load after load; and she’d also make me suck lots of cocks and then take a huge one hard up the arse!”



Then email stevejones_101@hotmail.com.

Cross-dressing sissy in pink bra, knickers and stockings
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Sissy in black bra and panties


If Steve ever gets a girlfriend, then he won’t want to HAVE SEX WITH HER. He’d much rather she invited some REAL MEN round to play with him, then watched as he swallowed all their BIG HARD DICKS.

Cross-dressing sissy wears French maid outfit