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Sissies aren’t always into pretty pink ribbons and layered lacy petticoats, as Sissy Slave Jessica clearly shows. He developed what has turned into a lifelong passion for women’s swimsuits during his teenage years and confesses to getting an erotic thrill from the feel of clingy Lycra hugging tight to his naked body. He says: ‘My favourite things to wear are a sports bra stuffed with falsies and bikini bottoms, then over the top, a one-piece swimsuit. It’s usually a "SlimSuit" model which has extra spandex for tummy control. And of course, I’ll be locked in chastity under it all, to keep me properly frustrated and motivated.’


He adds: ‘My fantasy is to be kept in chastity 24/7 and forced to dress at home at all times. I’d have to wear whatever outfits my Mistress chose, but it would always include some form of forced high heels, with her locking them to my feet so I'm unable to remove them. I also love the idea of having mitts locked on my hands and being made completely helpless while I'm dressed in a zip-back water polo swimsuit with high cut legs and a high neck. I’d also be forced to always wear a ring gag to keep me available for oral service; and my Mistress would use my extreme horniness against me by making me pose and suck a dildo for her. Then, lastly, she’d put a strap-on onto me and ride me to a climax while I'm still locked and helpless.’



Then email halo_slave@hotmail.com.

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