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Sissy Paula has been dressing up in secret throughout his life, but it’s only in the past two years that he’s been brave enough to put together his own wardrobe of dresses, wigs, stockings and girlie shoes. He’s also got into a terrible habit of wasting hours online watching sissy hypnosis videos, and as a result of those videos he recently faced the classic sissy humiliation of going limp during vanilla sex with a woman.


Sadly, failing to please a woman in the sack is nothing new to this feminine fella, because his tiny prick is far too small for a woman to feel inside her gash. He is also severely lacking in testosterone, so has always been a totally useless lover, but we’re certain that will change once he accepts his true sissy nature and becomes a sex slut for real men.


Oh, and we’re also sure that once Paula has sucked his first hard-on and had his anal cherry taken by a proper man, he’ll realise exactly why he went limp in bed with the woman he failed to fuck to a climax - and that’s because he’s a limp-dicked loser who was born to be a sissy slut.



Then email barcasur69@gmail.com or follow @PaulaBarcasur on Twitter.


Sissy Paula cross-dressing in black stockings
Close-up face pic of exposed sissy Paula
Sissy Paula takes selfie in short dress
Sissy Paula's tiny limp manhood
Sissy Paula flashes bare arse