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This total pansy has been cross-dressing for most of his adult life, but it was only a few years ago that he realised he was not only a transvestite, but also a cock-hungry sissy slut. It just gradually dawned on him that dressing as a woman was just his excuse to get fucked by guys - and nothing makes him happier these days than kneeling down to swallow a real man’s cock or getting down on all-fours and taking a hard-on deep between his anal walls.


Natasha tends to wear tarty clothes - ones that make him look like a total slut - but he also has a passion for frilly dresses, petticoats, panties and  French maid uniforms. He says: “When I’m all dressed up, I like to prance around like a faggot, especially in front of a real man. And I also love Bukkake sessions where I get totally covered in tons of spunk; and I love being fucked really hard and feeling a man cum inside my sissy arse.”


Natasha loves piss, too! He says: “I also like to be a toilet slut and will happily let a man piss all over me, cos I’m a dirty, subservient whore who always does whatever I’m told and who loves getting emails telling me what a useless, pathetic sissy faggot I am.”



Then email natasha.james21@hotmail.co.uk.

Sissy slut Natasha with raging boner on show




No degree of humiliation is too extreme for this totally effeminate SISSY SLUT. He will take a hard spanking for being a failure of a man, drop his LACY KNICKERS for hard anal sex and even open his lips nice to be a HUMAN TOILET who drinks hot piss!

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