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Happy to wear the most humiliatingly feminine of outfits and happy to do exactly as bidden by superior women and masculine men, Maid Carolin-Anne is fully accepting of his lowly status in the scheme of things and the shame he brings upon himself in having unquestionably failed as a man. He was meant to be a real man, you see - and to fancy, fuck and pleasure women. But by some freak of nature, he was always much more eager to look like a lady than have sex with one - and he was also cursed with a deep submissive need to submit to degrading tasks, such as dusting, laundry, washing up and honouring the cocks of all real men.


And that’s why this mincing fairy’s wardrobe is now littered with sissy maid uniforms - and why he loves to attend sex parties where he can be used as a fuckslut by any well-hung Master who needs a hole in which to shoot his load. He is also happy to receive discipline and responds very well to strap-on training - and proudly sports tattoos on his flesh that affirm his tragic sissy nature. And needless to say, this self-proclaimed ‘Maid of Passion’ keeps his clitoris locked in chastity. Because sissies don’t deserve to climax - and there are no bigger sissies than him.



Then email maid.carolin@yahoo.de or follow @MaidCarolin on Twitter.


Sissy maid Carolin-Anne put to service in the kitchen
Sissy maid Carolin-Anne in frilly pink uniform and latex boots
German Maid of Passion Carolin-Anne with selection of anal toys
Sissy maid does the dishes in outrageously frilly pink uniform
Sissy maid bends over