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If you lifted up Stephen/Lilly’s skirt and then pulled down his knickers, then the first thing you would do is burst out laughing. Why? Because this masculine failure has been cursed with a tiny and utterly useless penis that has no hope of ever satisfying a woman. It really is a waste of space, and might well be the reason why he has always felt happier dressed as a girl. After all, if you don’t have the proper masculine equipment, then what is the point in looking like a man?


Stephen/Lilly’s cock is so ineffective that he is regularly cuckolded by his cock-hungry wife. She has long since given up on trying to enjoy having sex with her sissy spouse; and prefers to make him watch and learn as real men use her sex-starved pussy. But sadly, watching his wife in action has made Lilly take an unnatural interest in other men’s cocks. It seems he cannot take his eyes off them; and he dreams of being gang-banged while dressed in one of his favourite sissy outfits. In fact, he’d happily take hard cock in his mouth and swallow hot spunk for hours at a time. Because although he’s totally useless when it comes to pleasing women, he knows exactly how to please a real man!



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