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Sissies are never strangers to embarrassment, humiliation and shame, but Laura learned that lesson at a very tender age. As a teenager, he was caught wearing his auntie’s bra, girdle, panties and stockings - and despite this excruciatingly uncomfortable experience, he has never been able to fight his desire to feminise his body and act like a girl.


Laura admits to having a special passion for kinky clothing made of shiny fabrics like latex, rubber and PVC. He also loves wearing see-through knickers that expose his girlie clit-stick; and he dreams of being owned and living 24/7 as a woman under the watchful gaze of a dominant couple. He says he would happily serve his Mistress and Master in any way they saw fit; and has already undergone extensive strap-on training to make sure he’d be able to please his Master properly.


Laura also rather fancies the idea of being a sissy porn star - and is growing more and more confident in his female persona with each passing day. In part that’s down to regular visits to his domme, Mistress Scarlet, who has helped unleash the woman within - and with each new visit, he gets more and more girlie and becomes an even bigger sissy slut!


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Fetish sissy manacled to woodern frame in domme's dungeon
Crossdressing sissy in full bondage
Blonde-wigged sissy sucks domme's strap-on black cock
Sissy flashes white knickers and stocking tops in shirt red dress


Sissy slut Laura bound to bedposts


Laura’s friends are beginning to suspect that he might not be a NORMAL MAN after all, but they probably haven’t yet pictured him dressed in a LATEX BRA AND STOCKINGS or manacled to a strict domme’s ST. ANDREW’S CROSS.

Laura's sissy ID card for public sharing and exposure