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Desperate cock-whore Kriszti has always lusted after real men’s dicks. His own pathetic little maggot is completely unable to get hard when he thinks of girls - and the only thing that ever turns him on is the thought of kneeling down in front of a stud and taking his full-length deep between his lips.


True masculine failure that he is, Sissy Kriszti is only able to perform the bottom role between the sheets. He has never once penetrated a woman’s pussy or buried his prick between another man’s anus, but he often spreads his arse cheeks to take thrust after thrust from a dominant man. And he loves it when he feels his masculine lovers pumping in and out of his back door hole - and he really loves it when he feels a genuinely big, butch man squirting a heavy load between his cheeks.


So, he’s a faggot, basically - a truly tragic mincing faggot who loves to put on a bra and stockings and have sex like he’s a girl!



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