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Some closet T-girls are far too scared to leave the house in a pretty dress, but Sissy Julie loves nothing more than to mince around town in his frilly pink French maid uniform. He likes to set himself dares each day, such as forcing himself to go out to buy make-up and jewellery while dressed in a ladylike frock and heels, or parking outside his local shopping centre and seeing how far he dares to walk from his car in his highly revealing French maid outfit. And sometimes, if he’s feeling really confident, he’ll even go inside the shopping centre and take the elevator up to the second floor - and all the while he’ll be wondering if anyone he knows will come along and recognise him, so that the word will spread to all his friends that he’s a total sissy who fails as a man.


Sissy Julie also has a longing for someone to creep up behind him on one of his trips, then to handcuff his hands behind his back and force him to do all manner of shameful and humiliating sissy takes. Preferably, sexual ones involving big dicks...



Then email julietv2005@yahoo.co.uk or follow @juliesmith2222 on Twitter.


Cheshire sissy Julie outside in prissy pink maid uniform
Mincing sissy Julie in pink maid uniform
Sissy Julie in white lingerie
Sissy Julie parades around outdoors in French maid outfit
Transvestite Julie in floral dress