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Some sissy T-girls aren’t even man enough to email and beg us for online exposure, and if it wasn’t for Mistress Luna Banks, the dominant lady he so proudly serves, then there’s a chance Sissy Joanna Sophie’s cross-dressing images would never have appeared online at all. But like all dominant ladies who have sissy men serving under them, Mistress Luna Banks knows only too well when the time has come for a sissy to share his shameful secret with the world. And so she sent through a selection of candid images showing her sissy slave completely transformed, along with a handwritten note in which Sissy Joanna Sophie confesses to be a ‘submissive panty-wearing bitch’.


Mistress Luna Banks is a suitably strict domme and keeps this particular sub sissy under lock and key. He’s currently on a wanking ban - one which will last until at least next year - and he’ll only ever get to climax again if he proves to Mistress he’s a really good girl...



Then email joannaslaveson1972@yahoo.com.

Mistress Luna's sissy bitch
Sissy slut in French maid uniform


Owned sissy Joanna Sophie