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Having been cursed with a tiny penis that was far too small to please a woman, Sissy Jeanette really had no other choice but to start wearing frilly pink outfits and girlie lingerie. His pathetic little manhood was far more suited to tight lacy knickers than boxer shorts - and his general lack of manliness meant he was doomed to live a life of shameful submissive sissyhood.


But worse, it seems that Sissy Jeanette is such a pathetic sissy that he is even willing to serve more dominant sissies. Yes, he dreams of being controlled, humiliated and placed in bondage by a sissy French maid or a sissy princess - and would even be willing to go over-the-knee of a sissy TV Mistress for an old-fashioned spanking on his bare behind. And he also gets off on the idea of having filthy slogans written on his body in pen, like ‘Sissy whore’ or ‘Addicted to cock’ or ‘Complete and utter failure of a man’. And not only that, but this sissy gets a kick out of being forced to wear a pig mask and crawl around on all-fours. And how tragic is that? I mean, what could be lower than being a sissy Miss Piggy squealing ‘Oink! Oink! Oink!’?



Then email jeannettej@btinternet.com.

Sissy in pig mask
Small dicked sissy spreads legs with no knickers on




This cross-dressing bimbo loves to dress up in pink and pretend he’s a dirty SISSY PIGGY - and dreams of serving a DOMINANT T-GIRL who will taunt him for having such a tiny USELESS PRICK.

Ipswich sissy hitches up skirt to flash white knickers
Sissy's bottom  in pink knickers
Sissy slut in cute pink dress