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Sissy Ian is completely in the closet, so we shudder to think of the consequences of his friends and family discovering this page. They all think he's just a normal man who fancies women and loves drinking lager and playing football, but now there is a chance of them all learning the shameful and utterly shocking truth - that he's a limp-dicked, cross-dressing sissy slut who loves to be locked in chastity and dreams of being forced to live full-time as a girl.


Sissy Ian regularly fantasises about becoming the plaything of a dominant couple. They would use him as their dressing up doll and put him to work as their cute French maid, as well as forcing him to watch every time they had sex and spanking his bottom for all misdemeanours. It would also be one of sissy’s main tasks to suck Master’s cock to get him in the mood for sex - and after Master had his shot his sticky load into Mistress’s dripping wet gash, Sissy Ian would be commanded to use his tongue to clean up every trace of jism from her snatch. And all of this would be photographed, so the evidence of his sissy ways could be exposed all over the Internet to his ensure his ever-lasting shame and humiliation.



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