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Who wants to help us fully expose super cute sissy Ella Lou by sharing this page as far and wide as possible? Ella Lou is meant to be a man, but he has always been cursed with feminine ways. He has never lived up to life's male expectations; and he loves to dress up in high heels stockings, skirts and dresses; and he even keeps his useless manhood locked away in a chastity cage. But then it’s a ridiculosuly tiny one - a pitiful 17mm in length when limp - so it has no hope of ever getting inside a woman!


Sissy Ella Lou is a genuine sissy slut who first started watching shemale porn in his teens. He loves all aspects of feminisation and spends most of his week on the Internet on the hunt for Big Black Cock. He also dreams of being a rented sissy whore and offering his services as a sissy cum dump, or of attending a feminisation camp where he’d be brainwashed through hypnosis and pimped out to the all male guests as a sissy prostitute by a dominant Mistress.



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Camp sissy in pink frock


Sissy slut Ella Lou
Cross-dressing sissy Ella Lou
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Ella Lou
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