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As always, it’s the wife we feel most sorry for! I mean, just imagine marrying someone who you assume to be a normal man; and to never get to know that he spends all his home alone time prancing around in women’s clothing and dreaming of taking hard cock up the arse! In Diane’s case, it was his cousin who triggered his sissy desires. He says: ‘She used to dress and make me up for a laugh without knowing just how much I enjoyed it, then later, when the chance arrived, I started to dress up by myself!’


And he also started developing some unusual fantasies, many of which he’s now fulfilled. As he says: ‘I’m sub and a bottom when I’m wearing female clothing - and I’ve had sex as a sissy and loved it - and I love BDSM and have had a Mistress for a while who pushes all my limits and fantasy buttons. And I also love the thought of being made to go to a beautician and forced to have my eyebrows fully shaped and dyed. You see, no one knows my secret, but my wife did have an inkling when I used to see a young lady who would not just dress me up but also pluck my eyebrows a little! That was enough to make her suspect something, but I just said it was all in her imagination! What me? A sissy? The very idea...’



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