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It might all change now that this page is live on the Internet, but currently none of Richard’s family and friends have any idea that he’s a masculine failure who has been dressing as a sissy since his teenage years. But the shameful truth is that he loves to prance around in a French maid uniform, complete with lacy petticoats and stockings and suspenders, and he even has a pair of matching bright red sissy bows tattooed on the back of his thighs.


Richard prefers to be known by the highly appropriate name of Jenny Cumdump. But why is it appropriate? It’s because once dressed in lingerie and high heel shoes, Richard becomes a total faggot sissy whore with a desperate need for a rock-hard cock in his mouth, his anus or even both at once. He also dreams of being in the permanent service of a dominant Mistress who will lock his limp cock in chastity, render him helpless with chains and pimp him out as a sissy whore. And when he’s not being made to suck cock by Mistress, he longs to be locked up in a cage for hours at a time. And we’d suggest that cage is placed in a highly public location. That way everyone could see what a total sissy cum-slut Richard Heather has turned out to be.



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