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It has come to our attention that German sissy Chris Wagner has been pretending to be a normal man, but the truth about him must now be told. Because far from being a normal man, he is in fact a cross-dressing sissy whore who loves to put on ladies’ lingerie and a pair of silky stockings before being placed in bondage and forced to suck the cocks of real men.


Sissy slut Chris Wagner is far too small and limp to please a woman, so he really had no choice but to turn himself into a sissy fuck-slut meant solely for the pleasure of men. And he has fully accepted his feminine role and has become highly skilled in swallowing huge hard manhoods and taking them deep inside his arse. But the fact that he loves to suck and take hard cocks is a secret he keeps from all his family and friends, so we request that you share this page as widely as you can. Because the world must know the shocking truth about Chris Wagner - that he isn’t a real man! He’s a limp-dicked sissy whore!



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