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Sissy Candy Cane has just split with his partner after being together for 20 years. And do you want to know why? It’s because the poor woman couldn't cope with being stuck with such a sissy faggot loser of a man! She wanted a real man - not some tiny-dicked bimbo who was forever putting on women’s clothes and dreaming of sucking real men’s cocks.


So, Candy Cane is single now and doomed never to have sex with a woman again. He is also in desperate need of a Master or Mistress to serve. He craves total ownership and will happily consent to having his useless cock locked in permanent chastity, as well as to wearing a permanent collar. And he’ll also gladly dress full-time in a French maid uniform, complete with stockings, suspenders and slutty high heels.


Let’s face it, he’s tried and failed to live as a real man, so he really has no other choice. His only option now is to embrace his inner sissy and become somebody’s bimbo slut...



Then email johnkernan2000@gmail.com or follow @sissycandy1974 on Twitter.

Sissy bimbo whore in pink French maid outfit
Sissy maid Candy Cane from Farnborough


Cross-dressing sissy Candy Cane
Sissy Candy takes selfie in French maid outfit
Failed male John transformed into sissy maid Candy