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Simon was a relatively normal man who made the classic mistake of admitting to his wife Marie that he liked the thought of being dominated. It was only a flight of fancy for him, so the last thing he was expecting was for Marie to arrange a session with a professional domme - and then, having seen how much he’d enjoyed that session, to take over his domination and feminisation herself by making him beg to wear her panties and then locking his clit in a silver cage.


And Marie is completely in charge now! As she told us: “Bambi now only wears full female underwear with tights or stockings when we’re at home together - and sometimes when we go out, too. He is also now my full-time sex slave and I regularly abuse his sissy pussy and treat him like a whore. Most weekends, he is tied up in the spare room as my plaything - and I’m teaching him how to suck big cocks and take deeper, harder fuckings. And I’m also about to put him on hormones and have banned him from touching his clit all year! So, he’s totally my bitch now!”



Then email ushersj@talk21.com or follow @SSimon1971 on Twitter.

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Confessing to his wife that he liked the thought of seeing a STRICT DOMINATRIX was the biggest mistake Simon will ever make. Now his DOMINANT SPOUSE insists he dresses in female clothing every day and has locked his clit in a CHASTITY CAGE and banned him from ever spunking again.