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Something about the photos on this page suggests to us that Sissy Anne Marie used to be very jealous of the cute little uniforms his female classmates got to wear in school. How awful it must have been for this mincing sissy to be forced to sit in his dull blue shirt and boring pair of trousers while all around him the girls were wearing lovely miniskirts and blouses, not to mention tights or sheer black stockings and pretty ribbons in their hair.


Yes, it’s pretty obvious that Sissy Anne Marie was desperate to wear the same uniform as the girls in his class, because now that he’s a full-grown man and able to wear what the hell he likes, his favourite choice is a schoolgirl uniform. He doesn’t even care if wearing it makes him look like a sissy loser, or if it means no woman will ever want him as a lover again. In fact, he rarely even thinks of having sex with women these days, because he is far too busy fantasising about being the schoolgirl lover of a well-hung stud. Or, even better, he dreams of finding a strict Mistress who will pimp him out and force him to become the full-time sissy cum-slut he was always destined to be.



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Sissy schoolgirl Anne Marie
Simpering sissy schoolgirl Anne Marie
London sissy Anne Marie in schoolgirl uniform
Effeminate loser in schoolgirl gear
Adult male in sissy schoolgirl outfit