My top tips for taking ever-increasing sizes of dildo up your arse‌

If you think your dick delivers sexual kicks, then you just wait till you discover what your anus can do!

Sissy gets hard-on thanks to sex pills

Anal Training for Men

Very few of my masturbation sessions don’t involve the use of a dildo these days. I was 46-years-old when I first stuffed a dildo up my anus and was immediately blown away by how exciting it was – and I regret not having discovered much earlier just how much fun can be had from practicing anal penetration. There are pleasure sensors throughout the sphincter that respond amazingly well to any kind of stimulation. What’s more, poking around up there always seems to deliver an exceptionally creamy climax. I guess it’ something to do with milking the prostate gland – and how it stimulates a really thick flow of cum.

Like most men, I was nervous the first time I took a dildo up my bum. But it’s really nothing to worry about – just as long as you follow a few simple steps before you start. Firstly, if you’re worried about the shit element, then a good dump beforehand is a wise idea. And if you’re OCD about cleanliness, then you can use douches and enemas kits to have a really thorough cleanse before you sit down on something throbbing and hard. But me, I’m not too bothered about a little bit of dirtiness, so my first step is to use some ID Lube to lubricate both my arsehole and the toy I’m using. I will also take a sex stimulant – normally Hard Man pills for anal play – and maybe also open a room aroma like Liquid Gold. All these things help get me excited but also help relax the anal tract, after which I’ll be ready to choose my weapon and thrust it where the sun don’t shine.

Transvestite using sex toy

Anal Lubricants

Obviously all anal virgins are best off starting with a smaller dildo, rather than leaping straight in with a 15-inch black bad boy! And be gentle with yourself – just push it in with the merest hint of force and then give your anus plenty of time to get used to the feel of being jammed full of cock. I wouldn’t recommend you immediately just start ramming it in and out of your ring, but instead just slowly ease it back and forth and let your sphincter pulse around the shaft and head. And if it feels too tight, then don’t be afraid to pull the dildo out and add some extra lube. Or if it feels too small, then get out a bigger dildo – and slowly work your way up in length and girth.

In six months I’ve gone from using tiny toys to being able to handle a nine-inch length. But size isn’t everything and what I like the most is the look and feel of the toy I’m sticking inside my body. For me, it has to be realistic-looking, so I can get a fantasy in my head about how I’m bending over and dropping my knickers for a real man who will fuck me hard. And it’s pervy, I know, but in the more intense moments, I also start to fantasise that my ex wife is in the room watching me getting fucked by a stud. Because I would love her to see the change in me since she’s left. Because she still thinks I’m a bedroom bore! Yes, she has no idea that I am now a cross-dressing, anal-loving, sex-mad freak who is forever hard thanks to sex pills and forever shoving big, thick cocks up his arse!

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