Stretching my anal capabilities with a 17-inch dildo and begging my ex-wife for a strap-on session

Sex is no longer about my tiny manhood – these days it’s all about my cock-hungry arsehole.

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Sissy Anal Training

My ex wife came round with a surprise present for me quite recently – a present that confirmed her increasingly dominant nature and showed just how much fun she appears to be having in helping with my feminisation. I had already let slip to her that I rather liked using dildos and vibrators to pleasure my anus, but I wasn’t ever expecting her to go out and buy an anal sex toy for me. And certainly not a 17-inch Dick Rambone dildo! Yes, SEVENTEEN-INCHES of big thick dick!

‘This is what a real man’s cock should look like,’ my ex wife told me, as she handed me the dildo and saw the startled look of wonder in my eyes. She then said it sort of made sense to her that I was now using anal toys for pleasure instead of trying and failing to have sex with women. ‘After all, it’s pointless trying to do anything with that tiny little thing in your knickers,’ she teased me, ‘so I’m glad you’ve finally found your true erogenous zone.’ Then she patted my bottom to hammer home the fact that my true erogenous zone from this day forward is the sissy hole between my smooth-shaven arse cheeks!

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Dildos For Sissies

I was tempted to ask my wife to actually use the 17-inch dildo on me, but she had to hurry off that evening. So, instead I pulled my knickers down, squirted lots of anal muscle relaxant up my arsehole, greased up the dildo with loads of lube and then slid it inside my pliable ring. And I was amazed by just how easily it slotted inside my back door hole – and also by just how accustomed my arsehole has become to taken giant lengths of prick. And though I didn’t quite take the dildo’s full-length, I must have inserted at least 12-inches of prick, then I slowly pumped it back and forward till I was overcome with sissy anal bliss.

And having loved the dildo, I’m rather hoping that my ex wife’s next present will be a strap-on harness, so I recently sent her a cheeky email with a link to the ones available from Honour Fetish Clothing. I can think of nothing more horny than the thought of bending over and feeling my ex wife fucking my arse – and if she fancies bringing her new boyfriend along and turning it into a spit-roast session, then that’s totally fine by me. Apparently, he’s almost as hung as my new dildo, so I’d love to have his meat in my mouth while my ex-wife screws my anal hole.


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