Ah, the thrill of sniffing a pair of used knickers still wet with the cuntjuice of a beautiful girl‌

My obsession with women’s knickers just gets worse every day – I’m either sniffing them, wearing them, talking about them or all three at once!

Sissy male in lingerie swallows dildo

Dirty Women’s Knickers

I’ve always enjoyed seeing pictures of sexy ladies wearing basques or corsets, stockings and suspenders, but the one item of female lingerie that’s always thrilled me the most is knickers. I was always buying my wife sexy panties to wear, but she was never really into dressing up for me; and I always get a kick out of seeing a woman in a short pleated skirt on a windy day. In fact, I could follow a woman like that for miles in the hope that the breeze might blow her skirt up and expose a pair of sexy knickers – and I’ve even been known to follow women up stairs or escalators for the very same reason. You can see some really nice things if you’re a few steps down!

Lately, I’ve been wearing knickers a lot myself – and my definite favourites are the dirty ones my oldest daughter often leaves lying around when she visits my place. She has a really fragrant pussy, and whether it’s a little bit wrong or not, I can’t resist smelling her feminine scent and also wearing her feminine undies. I’ll take a hard-on pill first to get me in the mood and then I’ll pop a pair of knickers right over my face, then I’ll wear a second pair of her knickers or maybe some I’ve ordered online. Then I’ll probably suck on one of my dildos or maybe even stick one of my dildos up my arse, and once I’m starting to feel really horny and hard, I’ll phone up a Live Knickers Chatline and tell the woman on the phone what I’m up to.

Sissy in panties sniffs dirty knickers

Live Knickers Sex Chat

I was shocked when I first discovered there were phone lines specifically devoted to Live Knickers Chat. I always assumed my fetish was a little bit too niche to have its own line, but that’s what I love about living in Great Britain. We cater so well to our perversions here; and I saw the line advertised in a issue of top shelf title CHASTE – and before I knew it, I was having a filthy conversation with some husky-voiced housewife all about thongs and lacy drawers. And she didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told her I liked wearing my daughter’s ones; or that I like to follow women upstairs and escalators in the hope of getting a sneaky peek. She was incredibly broad-minded and really good fun, and we wound up talking for nearly an hour. And all the while, my cock was literally bursting out of my daughter’s lacy knickers!

I phone this line a lot these days, because I love really talking dirty with a woman. It’s something I can’t really do face-to-face – not even in the heat of passion – but being on the end of a phone line seems to give me the freedom to really open up and talk about anything. These women don’t care if I’ve got stockings on, or if I’m sliding a dildo in and out of my arse, or if I beg to kneel down before them, stick my head up their skirts and spend ages licking their cunts through their knickers. They are impossible to shock, have a great sense of humour and appear to get turned on by the sex talk themselves. But then why wouldn’t they? Because when it comes to sex talk, is there anything more horny to discuss than gorgeous, girlie, silky, lacy, flouncy, frilly knickers? Yum!

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