Shrinking my already tiny cock further with the aid of a padlocked chastity cage

My cock is such a worthless and pointless piece of meant that it makes perfect sense to lock it up and throw away the key.


Cross-dressing sissy with caged dick


Small Penis Humiliation

With every passing month I get more and more excited by the thought of eradicating all traces of my manhood. It’s pathetically small and limp, anyway, and is utterly useless when it comes to pleasing women, so I’m now liking the idea of shrinking it as small as possible. And to assist with this, I have recently purchased a padlocked silver chastity cage online. I have been wearing it under my knickers for a month now and have denied myself erections and orgasms throughout that time. I have also done something rather bold and daring – I have handed the keys to the padlock to my ex wife.


Silver cock cage for limp-dicked sissies



Sissies locked in chastity

It took me a long while to pluck up the courage to tell my ex wife about the new me. I thought she’d find it quite hard to accept, but it turns out she sort of knew along – and she now gets a great deal of pleasure seeing me transformed into a sissy princess. She has even helped me out with my make-up a bit and is apparently telling lots of my old friends about my kinky habit. I think she rather likes the thought of causing me shame and humiliation; and she recently told me about how my pathetic cock size had been a running joke between her and her female friends for years.

And I guess that joke will get even funnier as my silver metal cock cage helps to shrink my cock, helped along by a few of the female hormones I recently started to take. When I first showed the cage to my wife, she made a joke about how it was the first time she’d ever been able to notice something bulging through my underwear. And then she immediately texted her new hunky boyfriend and showed him a picture of my limp caged cock poking through a pair of pink knickers. She’s getting really quite bitchy and strict in a way, but the sissy slut in me is rather liking this version of her.

Anyways, the cage is comfortable to wear for long periods and you can still go to the toilet wearing it – as long as you sit down like a lady. I’ve tried a few of these things over the course of the year, but this is the nicest one so far. The silver metal matches most of my jewellery and kills any hint of a manly bulge stone dead. You can buy it from fetish store Honour.


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