What have I become? A grown man prancing around in a schoolgirl uniform?‌

I love the sensual thrill and kinkiness of my slutty schoolgirl uniform.

Cross-dressing sissy wears schoolgirl outfit

Cross-dressing in School Uniform

If my wife hadn’t left me and I hadn’t discovered sex supplements, then I very much doubt I’d have ever wound up masturbating in a gymslip and stockings. I’m a guy who has never had a very high sex drive – and who lost it completely in the last three years of my marriage – but discovering Max Strength Golden Root and Dragon Strong Male Tonic has completely changed my outlook on things. Not only do these performance enhancers put some much-needed lead in my pencil, but also, when I combine them with a room aroma like Liquid Gold, they make me sort of ‘high on lust’ in a way that makes me do kinky things. Often that’ll involve raiding the stash of clothes my daughter leaves around my place, or sometimes I’ll go online and order some slutty lingerie for myself. Or, in this case, a St. Trinian’s style sexy schoolgirl uniform, which I like to team with see-through black knickers, black stockings and suspenders.

Once I’m dressed in my schoolgirl uniform, I’ll normally embark on a marathon wanking session. I’ll read the latest top shelf magazines – ones like Mayfair, Razzle, Chaste or Flashers – and then I’ll follow that by watching a couple of porn DVDs, most usually with a lesbian or mature housewife theme. And I like these sessions to last for a long time, so I’ll always have some delay spray on hand. My current favourites are Stud D-Lay Spray and Mister B Delay Spray. I’d recommend these two because they can add quite a lot of time to wanking or sex but without any loss of feeling. No idea how they do it, though! Because you still get all the sweet sensations – but you avoid the dreaded premature ejaculation.

Sissy transvestite flashes knickers in short skirt

Sexual Performance Enhancers

In fact, delay spray can keep my hard-on in place for so long that I’ll often be able to end my session cavorting around in front of the mirror. I’ve quickly got to like the sight of my feminised reflection staring back at me and I’ll either put on a sexy strip-tease for myself, or maybe watch myself using a sex toy up my anus. Or on nights when I’m REALLY ‘high on lust’ I’ll go out for a drive in my schoolgirl uniform and end up at one of two discreet toilet blocks just along the A12. Now I was shaking like a leaf the first time I wandered into one of these gents’ loos dressed as a girlie, but it turned out to be a really good move. Because not long after I got there, this muscular lorry driver came in for a piss. But when he saw me dressed in my slutty, little outfit, he was happy to pop into a cubicle with me and I ended up getting my first taste of dick! And it was a big one! Over 8-inches long! And I just dropped to knees and gobbled it up!

It’s weird! Six months ago I would never have pictured myself in schoolgirl clothing – let alone having a bi-curious sex encounter with a lorry driver with a great big dick. But as I slid my lips up and down his thick stem, then felt his spunk gush into my lips, I realised I’d been missing out on too many potentially exciting things. Not now, though. Because thanks to the sex pills and being able to get stiff again, I am now able to take advantage of whatever comes along. And I don’t care whether it’s straight sex, bi sex, gay sex or even group sex – just as long as I end up spunking in my panties and walking away with a grin on my face.

Chat knickers with slutty British housewives

Knickers and panties phone sex

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