From an impotent sissy cuckold to a cross-dressing slut with sex on the brain‌

Further thoughts on my complete change in attitude to anything to do with sex.

Sissy flashers knickers

Cures for Impotence

In the darkest days of my three year spell of total impotence, I never really thought about sex at all. I knew my dick didn’t want to get hard and I had absolutely no interest in fucking my wife, so I just sort of accepted life as a eunuch. You see, I was suddenly a man without any sexual desire at all. I couldn’t get aroused by adult magazines or dirty DVDs or even by passing a sexy woman in the street. Nothing seemed to excite me. And my dick was forever flaccid and limp.

Of course, the change came after my wife left me and I started taking hard-on pills – more often than not Max Strength Golden Root. And the results were instant! The sheer excitement of seeing my dick standing upright for the first time in months made me start to see the world in a whole new light. And suddenly I was able to read top shelf mags again and watch endless porn films late into the night. I was also able to visit massage parlours and get jerked to a climax by some lovely escorts. And once again I could look at a sexy woman in the street; and even though I knew she was well out of my league, I could still feel that tingle in my crotch that told me there was some life down there.

Getting hard thanks to impotence pills

Enhancing Sexual Confidence

Of course, in my case, the thrill of being hard again also led me to start exploring new kinks, but even if I’d never got into cross-dressing and sticking dildos up my bottom, then I still would have been really grateful for this sexual reawakening. Because the most important thing for me is not that I can now get hard and climax again. It’s more that I now feel completely and utterly alive again. Because my cock isn’t dead now, like it was for all those years, which in turn made me feel sort of dead inside. Because when a man can’t get a hard-on that’s pretty much how he feels. It takes away all his confidence and makes him feel embarrassed and ashamed.

But I have all my confidence back now – and have no shame at all about my years of limp-dicked cuckoldry. And I no longer even feel upset or ashamed that my wife cheated on me with two much more masculine men than me. Nor that I now like to put on corsets and stockings! And to sniff dirty knickers! And to experiment with guys! No, none of this feels embarrassing to me, because I love that I now think of sex all the time. It’s a fantastic thing to have on the brain, especially when compared to all those boring months of living like a monk.

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Dropping my girlie knickers in a public toilet to satisfy a real man‌

Being straight and fancying women doesn’t mean I can’t like having sex with men, as well…

Knicker flashing cross-dresser

Bi-curious Cross-dresser

About a month ago I decided to start wearing female lingerie underneath my male clothes all the time. I started out by just swapping my boxers shorts for knickers, but then got a bit more confident – and soon I was going to work or the shops with a corset and stockings, or maybe a bra, thong and suspender belt, underneath my suit. The only time I don’t do it these days is if I’m playing sport that day and will be getting changed in front of my mates. God, I can picture the looks on their faces – and imagine the wisecracks – if I was to drop my trousers and flash a pair of pink panties at them. I’d never hear the end of it!

Anyway, one of the advantages of wearing lingerie under my male clothes is that I can use it to seduce men in public toilets. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m mostly straight – but when I’m wearing pretty undies and stockings, I’m always open to being groped (and more) by a man! So, yesterday I found myself in a toilet block in a multi-storey car park. And it was a quiet one with very few people about. And this guy walked in – a tall, manly guy – and I just let my trousers fall to the floor, revealing a pair of black silk stockings and some slutty red knickers.

Married man in lingerie

Shameless Sissy Slut

Of course, the guy didn’t know how to react at first – and I did fear getting beaten up for a bit! But I’d already taken a hard-on pill and was starting to feel incredibly horny, so I asked if he wanted to see some more and then unbuttoned my shirt to expose a red basque. And the guy seemed quite excited by now, so I walked into a cubicle – and sure enough, he followed me in. Then he made me strip right down to my undies and started to kiss me and to grope my arse. In fact, his hands were running all over my body, really savouring the thrill of my lingerie-clad flesh.

Now unlike me, this guy was in no need of a Golden Max to get hard that day. He had quickly stiffened to an impressive length, so I dropped to my knees and swallowed his cock. I was keen to feel it inside my anus, so I was careful not to give him too much oral pleasure – then I stood back up, yanked my knickers down and let him ram his dick through my hole. And he fucked me like a man in a hurry – like a man who was terrified of being caught! So, it was all really hard and athletic and powerful – and it sparked all kinds of intense shivers in my arse. And never more so than in the magical moment when his purple cockhead started to throb and spew hot spunk inside my anal tract.

And I actually climaxed myself at that point – at the very same moment when his spunk spurted out. I’d been jerking myself off throughout the anal fucking; and it was feeling his climax that tipped me over the edge. And as a thick spray of jism shot out of my much, much smaller cock than his, I realised just how lucky I was to have discovered cross-dressing in lingerie. Because it’s amazing getting fucked like a woman gets fucked – and to see and feel things from a feminine point-of-view. And that’s why I know this won’t be the last time I’ll be standing in the gents with my knickers round my ankles. Because I’m really keen to explore much more of my bi side more – and I’m sure there’s plenty of masculine guys out there who’ll be more than willing to help.

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Sexual performance enhancers


‌Exploring the reasons I turned from a typical horny man into an impotent, limp-dicked cuckold‌

What exactly were the reasons why I didn’t get a hard-on for over three years?

Sissy discusses male impotence

Cures for Impotence

Now that I have my hard-on back, I am quite open to thinking about the reasons why I lost it in the first place. But that wasn’t the case when the problem first arose, because my initial reaction to my failure to achieve an erection was to bottle up my feelings and pretend it wasn’t happening. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated and like a complete and utter failure of a man; and I certainly wasn’t up for talking about it or even writing about in a blog like this. I just didn’t want to face up to the truth or confront the issue in any way, but looking back, I can now see what the issues were.

Of course, ageing must have been part of the problem. I never had an issue getting an erection in my twenties – in fact, I often had one when I didn’t want one! And my early thirties were pretty horny, too, but things started to go into a gradual sexual decline for me during my late thirties and early forties. The first thing I noticed was that my recovery time after orgasm wasn’t what it once was – and that I couldn’t get two or three erections in a row. It was now a case of just one hard-on per day, and not only that, but I’d nearly always need to sleep off a climax. But that’s just typical of getting older – just as, in much the same way, it now takes me longer and longer to recover from my weekly game of 5-aside. Everything becomes just that little bit more of an effort and takes a bit more out of you.

Transvestite with low sex drive

Sex Enhancement Pills

So, I think ageing was the reason why my sexual powers were dwindling, but I don’t think it’s the cause of me losing my hards-on altogether. I think the cause of my descent into total impotence was a heart-to-heart I had with my wife when, after 16 years of marriage, she suddenly told me she wasn’t enjoying our lovemaking and that I wasn’t giving her any sexual satisfaction. Now I already knew I wasn’t much of a lover – my dick is only tiny and I’m hardly Mister Macho Stud – but it was still a big blow to my confidence to be told it so bluntly by someone I loved. And then six months later my confidence took another blow when my wife confessed to having an affair with a man from work. And then 16 months later, she had another affair. But could I even blame her? No, not when, by that stage, I hadn’t once been hard for her in nearly two years.

Of course, my sexual confidence was now at an all-time low due to all these various factors – and my poor, little dick just seemed to want to shrivel away and hide from all the embarrassment and shame. I mean, it certainly wasn’t getting hard for my cheating wife – or even for porn mags or hardcore DVDs. No, not even a tiny hint of stiffness – just permanent flaccidity. And I did begin to wonder if it would be that way forever, but then my wife left home and I hit rock bottom, which meant that the only way now was up. And so I started to actually think about my problems… and that’s what led to me finding some answers. And the main answer was to, first of all, accept that I was impotent – and then to go out and actually try the things that can cure a limp dick. And that’s how I wound up taking impotence pills.

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A serious sex enhancement pill that can stiffen even the most impotent of pricks‌

Hard Man Max Strength sex pills give me three rock-solid erections in a row…

Shamed sissy husband sucks dildo

Sex Pills For Impotent Men

Despite my newfound love of wearing women’s clothing and the odd toilet meet with some bi-curious guys, I still consider myself to be predominantly straight. I love looking at women in lingerie, fondling bosoms and licking women’s pussies, and now that I’ve got my erection back, I also love having a woman climb on top of me and ride my dick. But when it comes to sex products, I nearly always find myself buying from websites aimed at gay men. That’s partly because I started out buying toys and lube for anal play – and since gay men are known for loving anal, I figured they’d know all about the best products for bum fun. But around the same time, I also watched a couple of documentaries about gay sex saunas and the European gay holiday scene. And I realised then that gay men take their sex lives incredibly seriously. They want maximum fun, so if they like a product, then you can be sure it’s a really good one.

And that probably explains why Hard Man Max Strength is the most potent sex enhancement pill in the business. The name and the packaging suggest it’s aimed at gay men – the logo of the builder on the cover always makes me think of the Village People – and it sure does pack a serious punch. The first time I used it was one hell of an experience – only 25 minutes to achieve full stiffness, then a stonkingly hard erection that I jerked off for nearly two hours. But unlike with the other sex pills I’ve used, Hard Man Max Strength delivered a second hard-on within the hour. And after wanking that off and going to bed, I then woke up with a morning glory!

Knicker-wearing sissy's arse

Sexual Performance Enhancers

Now in my teens and twenties, I never once failed to wake up in the morning with a hard-on in my boxer shorts. But the early morning stiffness gradually disappeared over the course of my 20-year marriage, and so for Hard Man Max Strength to bring it back for me was a genuine shock and a really nice surprise. It also adds to my theory that these particular sex enhancement pills are quite a bit stronger than the others on the market. That’s why I only use them sparingly – say, if I’m planning to have a two-day session – and why I’d recommend getting medical advice if you’re on medication before using them.

Yes, these are fast-working pills that deliver a rock-solid erection and keep you feeling horny for days, so you can imagine how useful they’d be at a three-day gay orgy! So, no wonder so many gay men swear by them – and no wonder they’d been so useful in tackling my own impotence. Here’s how I rate them:

AVERAGE TIME TO WORK:  Under 30 minutes

STIFFNESS OF COCK: A stonkingly hard erection bulged out to maximum length (which in my case isn’t long, but still, it’s as long as I can get)!

LONGEST SESSION: Nearly 3 hours’ of prolonged masturbation

LIQUID OUTPUT: Put it this way… stock up on tissues!

RECOVERY TIME: Second hard-on within an hour of first climax, plus a third hard-on the next morning and a general feeling of horniness throughout the next day.

SIDE EFFECTS: A slight reddening of the face; and if anything, they get me a bit TOO sex-crazed.


WHERE TO BUY: Great value 4-pack available at esmale

Get hard and stay hard with HARD MAN MAX STRENGTH

Hard Man sex performance enhancers

My top tips for taking ever-increasing sizes of dildo up your arse‌

If you think your dick delivers sexual kicks, then you just wait till you discover what your anus can do!

Sissy gets hard-on thanks to sex pills

Anal Training for Men

Very few of my masturbation sessions don’t involve the use of a dildo these days. I was 46-years-old when I first stuffed a dildo up my anus and was immediately blown away by how exciting it was – and I regret not having discovered much earlier just how much fun can be had from practicing anal penetration. There are pleasure sensors throughout the sphincter that respond amazingly well to any kind of stimulation. What’s more, poking around up there always seems to deliver an exceptionally creamy climax. I guess it’ something to do with milking the prostate gland – and how it stimulates a really thick flow of cum.

Like most men, I was nervous the first time I took a dildo up my bum. But it’s really nothing to worry about – just as long as you follow a few simple steps before you start. Firstly, if you’re worried about the shit element, then a good dump beforehand is a wise idea. And if you’re OCD about cleanliness, then you can use douches and enemas kits to have a really thorough cleanse before you sit down on something throbbing and hard. But me, I’m not too bothered about a little bit of dirtiness, so my first step is to use some ID Lube to lubricate both my arsehole and the toy I’m using. I will also take a sex stimulant – normally Hard Man pills for anal play – and maybe also open a room aroma like Liquid Gold. All these things help get me excited but also help relax the anal tract, after which I’ll be ready to choose my weapon and thrust it where the sun don’t shine.

Transvestite using sex toy

Anal Lubricants

Obviously all anal virgins are best off starting with a smaller dildo, rather than leaping straight in with a 15-inch black bad boy! And be gentle with yourself – just push it in with the merest hint of force and then give your anus plenty of time to get used to the feel of being jammed full of cock. I wouldn’t recommend you immediately just start ramming it in and out of your ring, but instead just slowly ease it back and forth and let your sphincter pulse around the shaft and head. And if it feels too tight, then don’t be afraid to pull the dildo out and add some extra lube. Or if it feels too small, then get out a bigger dildo – and slowly work your way up in length and girth.

In six months I’ve gone from using tiny toys to being able to handle a nine-inch length. But size isn’t everything and what I like the most is the look and feel of the toy I’m sticking inside my body. For me, it has to be realistic-looking, so I can get a fantasy in my head about how I’m bending over and dropping my knickers for a real man who will fuck me hard. And it’s pervy, I know, but in the more intense moments, I also start to fantasise that my ex wife is in the room watching me getting fucked by a stud. Because I would love her to see the change in me since she’s left. Because she still thinks I’m a bedroom bore! Yes, she has no idea that I am now a cross-dressing, anal-loving, sex-mad freak who is forever hard thanks to sex pills and forever shoving big, thick cocks up his arse!

Talk knickers and lingerie with horny British housewives

Knickers and panties phone sex

Enjoying a massage with a very happy ending on a business trip in Sheffield‌

It’s important to make the most of a night away on business – and that means knowing where the local massage parlours are!

Sissy male wanks in female clothes

Sex Enhancement Pills

I work in an office in the heart of Ipswich, but I get sent away on business at least once or twice a month. And even though it’s something that never once crossed my mind during my marriage, I now nearly always check out the massage parlour and escort scene wherever I’m going to be visiting. There are parlours here in Ipswich, of course, but they always feel too close to home, so it’s nice being sent somewhere where no one has a clue who I am. Then I don’t have to worry about being seen going in and out of the establishment, or of taking an escort back to my hotel room. Basically, I don’t have to worry about anything when I’m miles and miles away from home!

This month I was sent to Sheffield – a place that I’d heard was blessed with more than its fair share of massage parlours. I’d heard there were several based on Attercliffe Road, and so after taking a couple of Max Strength Golden Root, I wandered up and down the road and then chose the nicest-looking establishment. I was greeted by a really friendly lady who introduced me to two lovely girls – one a curvaceous blonde and the other a skinny brunette. I would have been happy to have been massaged by either of these ladies, but brunettes have always really done it for me. And so I picked my girl and then went into a nice, little room, took off my shirt and trousers and got a very relaxing and sensuous massage.

Anal play for sissy cross-dresser

Max Strength Golden Root

Now I had knickers on beneath my male clothes, but the girl didn’t seem to mind about that. We had a nice, little chat about my experiments with cross-dressing – and I even blabbered on a bit about my limp-dick problems with my wife. But there were no limp dick problems with this girl, because I’d taken a double dose of Golden Root hard-on pills to make sure I’d be rock-solid for my session. When you’re handing over hard-earned cash for a massage, then you really don’t want your dick to fail, so that’s the only time I ever double up! And thanks to the pills, it wasn’t very long before my knickers were totally bulging like mad! And they carried on bulging as the girl stroked my dick through my knickers, before pulling them down and giving me a tit wank followed by a few nice sucks and a manual finish.

All-in-all, I had a really lovely time with this girl, although I wouldn’t say I’m completely used to the idea of paying for sex. I know I’m not much of a catch, though, and the dating scene seems far too challenging at my age! Also, I’d hate to fall in love with a woman and for my dick to stop working, like it did with my wife, so right now escorts and massage parlours seem like the best way to fulfil my sexual needs. These girls are always easy on the eye, open to me cross-dressing and open to using sex toys on me. They also always wear sexy lingerie and stockings and suspenders. And not many women will do that for a man these days. But massage parlour girlies will!

Explicit sex talk with horny British housewives

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Ah, the thrill of sniffing a pair of used knickers still wet with the cuntjuice of a beautiful girl‌

My obsession with women’s knickers just gets worse every day – I’m either sniffing them, wearing them, talking about them or all three at once!

Sissy male in lingerie swallows dildo

Dirty Women’s Knickers

I’ve always enjoyed seeing pictures of sexy ladies wearing basques or corsets, stockings and suspenders, but the one item of female lingerie that’s always thrilled me the most is knickers. I was always buying my wife sexy panties to wear, but she was never really into dressing up for me; and I always get a kick out of seeing a woman in a short pleated skirt on a windy day. In fact, I could follow a woman like that for miles in the hope that the breeze might blow her skirt up and expose a pair of sexy knickers – and I’ve even been known to follow women up stairs or escalators for the very same reason. You can see some really nice things if you’re a few steps down!

Lately, I’ve been wearing knickers a lot myself – and my definite favourites are the dirty ones my oldest daughter often leaves lying around when she visits my place. She has a really fragrant pussy, and whether it’s a little bit wrong or not, I can’t resist smelling her feminine scent and also wearing her feminine undies. I’ll take a hard-on pill first to get me in the mood and then I’ll pop a pair of knickers right over my face, then I’ll wear a second pair of her knickers or maybe some I’ve ordered online. Then I’ll probably suck on one of my dildos or maybe even stick one of my dildos up my arse, and once I’m starting to feel really horny and hard, I’ll phone up a Live Knickers Chatline and tell the woman on the phone what I’m up to.

Sissy in panties sniffs dirty knickers

Live Knickers Sex Chat

I was shocked when I first discovered there were phone lines specifically devoted to Live Knickers Chat. I always assumed my fetish was a little bit too niche to have its own line, but that’s what I love about living in Great Britain. We cater so well to our perversions here; and I saw the line advertised in a issue of top shelf title CHASTE – and before I knew it, I was having a filthy conversation with some husky-voiced housewife all about thongs and lacy drawers. And she didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told her I liked wearing my daughter’s ones; or that I like to follow women upstairs and escalators in the hope of getting a sneaky peek. She was incredibly broad-minded and really good fun, and we wound up talking for nearly an hour. And all the while, my cock was literally bursting out of my daughter’s lacy knickers!

I phone this line a lot these days, because I love really talking dirty with a woman. It’s something I can’t really do face-to-face – not even in the heat of passion – but being on the end of a phone line seems to give me the freedom to really open up and talk about anything. These women don’t care if I’ve got stockings on, or if I’m sliding a dildo in and out of my arse, or if I beg to kneel down before them, stick my head up their skirts and spend ages licking their cunts through their knickers. They are impossible to shock, have a great sense of humour and appear to get turned on by the sex talk themselves. But then why wouldn’t they? Because when it comes to sex talk, is there anything more horny to discuss than gorgeous, girlie, silky, lacy, flouncy, frilly knickers? Yum!

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What have I become? A grown man prancing around in a schoolgirl uniform?‌

I love the sensual thrill and kinkiness of my slutty schoolgirl uniform.

Cross-dressing sissy wears schoolgirl outfit

Cross-dressing in School Uniform

If my wife hadn’t left me and I hadn’t discovered sex supplements, then I very much doubt I’d have ever wound up masturbating in a gymslip and stockings. I’m a guy who has never had a very high sex drive – and who lost it completely in the last three years of my marriage – but discovering Max Strength Golden Root and Dragon Strong Male Tonic has completely changed my outlook on things. Not only do these performance enhancers put some much-needed lead in my pencil, but also, when I combine them with a room aroma like Liquid Gold, they make me sort of ‘high on lust’ in a way that makes me do kinky things. Often that’ll involve raiding the stash of clothes my daughter leaves around my place, or sometimes I’ll go online and order some slutty lingerie for myself. Or, in this case, a St. Trinian’s style sexy schoolgirl uniform, which I like to team with see-through black knickers, black stockings and suspenders.

Once I’m dressed in my schoolgirl uniform, I’ll normally embark on a marathon wanking session. I’ll read the latest top shelf magazines – ones like Mayfair, Razzle, Chaste or Flashers – and then I’ll follow that by watching a couple of porn DVDs, most usually with a lesbian or mature housewife theme. And I like these sessions to last for a long time, so I’ll always have some delay spray on hand. My current favourites are Stud D-Lay Spray and Mister B Delay Spray. I’d recommend these two because they can add quite a lot of time to wanking or sex but without any loss of feeling. No idea how they do it, though! Because you still get all the sweet sensations – but you avoid the dreaded premature ejaculation.

Sissy transvestite flashes knickers in short skirt

Sexual Performance Enhancers

In fact, delay spray can keep my hard-on in place for so long that I’ll often be able to end my session cavorting around in front of the mirror. I’ve quickly got to like the sight of my feminised reflection staring back at me and I’ll either put on a sexy strip-tease for myself, or maybe watch myself using a sex toy up my anus. Or on nights when I’m REALLY ‘high on lust’ I’ll go out for a drive in my schoolgirl uniform and end up at one of two discreet toilet blocks just along the A12. Now I was shaking like a leaf the first time I wandered into one of these gents’ loos dressed as a girlie, but it turned out to be a really good move. Because not long after I got there, this muscular lorry driver came in for a piss. But when he saw me dressed in my slutty, little outfit, he was happy to pop into a cubicle with me and I ended up getting my first taste of dick! And it was a big one! Over 8-inches long! And I just dropped to knees and gobbled it up!

It’s weird! Six months ago I would never have pictured myself in schoolgirl clothing – let alone having a bi-curious sex encounter with a lorry driver with a great big dick. But as I slid my lips up and down his thick stem, then felt his spunk gush into my lips, I realised I’d been missing out on too many potentially exciting things. Not now, though. Because thanks to the sex pills and being able to get stiff again, I am now able to take advantage of whatever comes along. And I don’t care whether it’s straight sex, bi sex, gay sex or even group sex – just as long as I end up spunking in my panties and walking away with a grin on my face.

Chat knickers with slutty British housewives

Knickers and panties phone sex

A three-hour hard-on and a very sticky finish thanks to Blue Zeus sexual enhancement pills‌

My first ever session with Blue Zeus sexual enhancement pills delivers the goods – and then some!

Daughter's prom dress looks cute on sissy man

Sexual Enhancement Pills

I have been so much happier since my hard-on came back that I am wary of doing anything that might make it disappear again. That’s why I always have at least one day a week where I don’t take a pill and get hard at all, plus I vary the sexual supplements I take so that my body never gets too used or immune to one brand. And another thing I’m doing to ensure I can still get hard when I like is to make sure I go for a real sensual overload whenever I am in the mood for some fun. So, a typical session these days is likely to include cross-dressing, porn mags, porn DVDs, some anal play with one of my dildos and the use of a room aroma like Liquid Gold. And with all that going on at once, it means my big nights in can turn into proper marathon wanking sessions that always culminate in a very sticky finish – and which mean I get value-for-money from my pills.

Wanking is probably my number one hobby at the moment – and last week’s first ever session using Blue Zeus sex pills was particularly explosive. My daughter had left a new bag of clothes round my house, which included a gorgeously pretty black Prom Dress that she often wears for a big night out. And needless to say, I couldn’t resist the urge to wear such a girlie and seductive party frock, so I teamed it with black stockings and suspenders, then lubed up my arse and inserted first a butt plug and later my favourite realistic dildo. Now toying my anus is always thrilling, because my prostate gland is even more full of feeling than my purple cockhead, and slipping in a butt plug before enjoying some porn means I get nice feelings in my rectum throughout my wank. And who doesn’t like the thought of getting sensual tingles in both ends at once?

Sissy in prom dress uses anal dildo

Non-Prescription Hard-on Pills

Anyway, I was expecting this to develop into quite a major session, what with the amazing cross-dressing outfit, the buttplug in my bumhole and a brand new stash of porn DVDs that I’d bought from the Cambridge Private Shop. I’d gone for a real mix of DVDs on this occasion – I’d even bought a gay one for the first time ever – and it turned out to be a damn good job that I’d bought so many porn films to watch. Because despite a slow-ish start – nearly an hour to get hard – the Blue Zeus Herbal Supplements eventually delivered a raging boner that just didn’t want to disappear. I was at full length and full stiffness for a full three-hours, helped along with a few well-timed squirts of delay spray. And my cock was really throbbing throughout the whole session. Now that might just be cos I’m a really expert masturbator, or maybe the pills had really got my blood pumping where it needed to pump. I mean, I think that’s what Viagra is said to do – and in my case, Blue Zeus did the same for me!

Actually, it got me so horny and delivered such a creamy load that I popped a second Blue Zeus just a couple of days later. And the results were equally good, although I only got 90 minutes’ worth of stiffness second time round. That’s my fault, though! I picked too horny a DVD – one full of lesbians dressed as schoolgirls – and I didn’t time my squirt of delay spray right! Overall, though, I’m really pleased to add Blue Zeus Sexual Enhancement Pills to my little box of tricks. Here’s my ratings based on two sessions:

AVERAGE TIME TO WORK:  About an hour

STIFFNESS OF COCK: Full-length and full hardness

LONGEST SESSION: 3 hours’ of intense self-pleasure

LIQUID OUTPUT: A thick and very creamy load

RECOVERY TIME: Second hard-on after three hours but only if I take a second pill



WHERE TO BUY: Great value 10-pack available at esmale – click the logo below to order online…

Uk sex supplements for limp dicks

Talk dirty with sexy British housewives now

British housewife phone sex chatlines

‌The benefits of using herbal supplements to stiffen an impotent dick‌

What I’ve learned in my first few months sampling various kinds of hard-on pills.

Transvestite hitches up dress

Herbal Sex Supplements

I’m still not sure what happened a few years back to completely remove my sex drive. Look, I was never a stud, but I did once find my wife sexually attractive – and not only her but lots of other women too. And as well as that, I was forever reading porn mags and watching endless R18 DVDs (mostly lesbian, anal and housewife ones). So I was having sex with my wife at least once a week and wanking four or five times, as well, then suddenly I found myself completely disinterested in anything sexual. In fact, I started actively avoiding having sex with my wife by pretending I was tired or pretending I had a headache. I just knew my flaccid dick didn’t want to get hard and go inside her anymore. Actually, it didn’t seem to want to do anything anymore. It wasn’t even getting horny watching lesbian porn!

Being in my forties when the limpness struck, I did wonder if this was just a mid-life crisis, or even some kind of male menopause. But it wasn’t until my wife upped and left that I actually faced the issue head-on – and it was quite a shock to find how easily I could have tackled it just by using herbal supplements like Golden Root and Hard Man Max Strength. I was used to seeing these products on the shelves of sex shops, but it had never crossed my mind to use them before – and I guess I’d always doubted whether things like this would really work. But sometimes you have to get to a really low point before you’re willing to make a change in your life – and at a really low ebb, I tried Golden Root and instantly got my hard-on back.

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I’ve tried three or four other brands since then and will review them all on this site in due course. Of course, I’m not a scientist or a doctor, so I can only tell you what these sex supplements did for me – and I’ll always buy a multi-pack and will have tried at least a few pills from each brand. What most interests me is how quick they are to act, how stiff my cock feels after taking one and how big a load it makes me shoot. I’m also interested in recovery time and whether I have a chance of getting a second erection in the same day. Okay, I know I’ll never be 18 again and will never have days when I can go wank, spunk, wank, spunk, shag, spunk, wank, spunk, like I could back then. My dick could once get hard again within 10 minutes of having a massive climax. Now I’m grateful if I can get hard again within an hour – even if it means taking a second sex performance pill.

The pill I’ve used the most since my wife left is Max Strength Golden Root. I normally buy a 10 pack and have used it for marathon wanking sessions and also for a couple of escort meets. (I actually popped two pills for the escort meets as these ladies were both £120 for an hour, so I really couldn’t afford to be struck by impotence). My ratings are as follows:

AVERAGE TIME TO WORK:  40-ish minutes


LONGEST SESSION: 2 hours’ of manual edging (prolonged by delay spray)

LIQUID OUTPUT: A nice creamy load

RECOVERY TIME: Second hard-on after 90 minutes but only if I take a second pill



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It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that these herbal sex supplements have changed my life, as I’m wanking left, right and centre again – and also having full sex, as well. And I do now wonder whether they could have saved my marriage, although in some ways it’s nice to be starting out on a brand new life.  One where my rock-hard cock leads the way… rather than the wife!


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