‌Taking my orgasms to a whole new level with the help of an anal dildo‌

No man has ever experienced a true climax till he’s cum with a dildo deep up his arse!

Cross-dressing sissy uses anal dildo

Experimenting with Anal

Very quickly after my wife left home, I went from being a normal man with zero perversions to a kinky slut who was up for pretty much anything. Not only had I shamelessly sniffed and worn my own daughter’s dirty knickers, but the next thing I did was purchase a realistic-looking dildo and began to experiment with sucking and sitting on cock! I had used sex toys on my wife in the past – she used to make me do it when my dick didn’t work – and I had always been shocked by just how much pleasure she received from having one pumping in and out of her pussy. And she had always chosen enormous ones – perhaps to shame me for having such a tiny prick. But as an anal virgin, I went smaller to start with and purchased a six-inch dildo with sensible girth.

I dressed up in a bra, thong and stockings for my first session of anal experimentation. I also took a Max Strength Golden Root to get me hard, then I sprayed my arsehole with Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Spray and smeared my middle finger with some ID Lube. I had started purchasing most of my products from an online store catering to gay and bisexual men, as they seemed to be the best equipped for anything to do with anal play. And I remember being incredibly anxious about the prospect of losing my anal cherry, so I was determined to have all the proper products at hand. You see, I’d never had anything up my anus before and I was really scared it would hurt – or maybe even make me shit myself.

Shameless pervert cross-dressing

Stimulating the Prostate

It was something I was determined to do, though, because it felt dirty and sleazy and lots of fun. Also, I think a part of me wanted to do things that I knew would have really shocked my ex wife – and what could have been more shocking than the thought of me toying my own anus while dressed in girlie lingerie! And so, once the Golden Root had got my dick nice and happy, I pressed my middle finger against my ring, took a great big breath and then poked that finger deep inside. And I heard myself let out a tiny little gasp as it inched its way between my anal walls, but more importantly, I felt this nice internal spasm that made my cock bulge even more. So, yes, my arsehole seemed to like it! And yes, my penis seemed to like it, too!

And so happy that I could handle my finger, I then took out the dildo and smeared it with a lot more ID Lube. I wanted pleasure, not pain, so I probably overdid the lubrication, but it certainly made it much more easier than I’d expected for my virgin arsehole to accommodate the dildo’s entire six-inch length. I then started to ease the cock back and forward, repeatedly stimulating my prostate gland, which I quickly realised had just as many pleasure sensors as my helmet did – and maybe more! And as I picked up speed and fucked myself harder, I felt these intense spasms in the pit of my stomach. It was a completely overwhelming sexual sensation that seemed to take over my entire body – and even though I wasn’t even touching my prick, I felt the beginnings of a climax starting to happen.

Can you believe that? In a matter of weeks, I’d gone from being a man who couldn’t get it up for love nor money to a guy who could orgasm completely hands-free. Okay, I’d had to do some preparation – a bit of cross-dressing, a hard-on pill, some anal relaxant and a rubbery cock – but those things had combined to deliver a climax of the most incredible sensual force. My anus was pulsing and clenching and throbbing around that dildo’s juicy shaft; and I found myself properly bending over double from the intensity of the feelings in my guts. In fact, the sensations in my anus were completely overwhelming the climactic throbbing of my rock-hard dick – and I knew right away that this was just the beginning of my anal explorations. Yes, I knew I’d be needing a larger dildo. And also, perhaps, a real man’s dick…


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Experiencing my first proper hard-on and climax in over six years‌

After six years of total impotency, I look down and see a bulging hard-on in my borrowed knickers.

Knicker-sniffing, cross-dressing male

Golden Root Max Strength

Lots of things came together for me when I got my first proper erection using hard-on pills. It was three months after my wife had left and I hadn’t been stiff in all that time. Not even porn films or dirty mags had interested me, but that all changed one weekend when my 19-year-old daughter came to stay. She decided to leave a bag of her clothes and undies at my house, including a couple of pairs of knickers that she’d worn and couldn’t be bothered to wash. And this might sound perverse, but I just couldn’t resist the urge to sniff them and inhale the pungent scent of her gash. They were still quite moist and I began to get excited. Yes, even though they were my daughter’s panties, I began to feel some movement in my crotch.

Sadly, I couldn’t achieve a full erection, not even when I put her knickers on! And I’m still not sure what made me want to do that in the first place, because I had never once cross-dressed before. But all of a sudden, I found myself going through all her things and trying on bras, skirts, tights and tiny little tops. They felt soft and exciting against my skin, and looked cute when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. And I guess they sort of suited a man who had a really small dick and couldn’t get it up. Because I didn’t feel like a real man anymore! I felt more like a sissy – and so dressing like one made sense to me!

Pervert uses dildo for anal pleasure

Non-Prescription Hard-on Pills

I did want to get an erection, though, but just putting on my daughter’s clothes was not enough to make it happen. So I decided to drive to the Southend-on-Sea Private Shop – which is far enough away from home for no one to know me – and I purchased some Max Strength Golden Root, then popped the pill and drove back home. I had always known about these herbal remedies but had never really believed they work, plus – typical man – I had never been keen on taking any kind of pills before. Indeed, a couple of times my wife had suggested that Viagra might have been the answer to my problems. She’d even offered to make me an appointment with an impotency specialist at her hospital, but no way was I going to visit a stranger and discuss my limp dick and lack of masculinity with a doctor.

No, a trip to a sex shop was much more like it – and I bought a couple of dirty mags and a lesbian DVD while I was there. Then I came back home, put on my daughter’s knickers, looked down and got the shock of my life. Because my useless dick was growing again – and getting harder and harder and really feeling alive. It must have taken about 40 minutes for the Golden Root to work, but there was no doubt it was this tiny little pill had made the magic happen for me. My dick was literally bulging through my daughter’s dirty knickers and I quickly stuck my hand inside and began to wank myself into a frenzy. And for the first time in years, I felt the thrill of feeling horny – and I started to leaf through the dirty magazines, then I stuck on the lesbo DVD and stroked myself through at least half-an-hour of that.

You see, I managed to last, too! My early years with my wife had been ruined by my constant premature ejacaultion, but I didn’t waste the boner that the Golden Root had given me – and spent close on an hour happily playing with myself before shooting a proper hot and sticky load. And I can’t describe the thrill I felt as the thick spurt of spunk splattered into my hand. I almost felt like a real man again, but then I realised I was wearing my daughter’s pink knickers. And real men probably don’t do that! But who gives a shit? I’d had a hard-on again…


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How I went from being a cuckold husband to a shameless pervert who is hard all the time‌

My biggest and hardest erection in years – all thanks to Liquid Gold!

Cuckold husband whose wife left home

Impotence Cures

Six months ago my wife left home because I couldn’t get it up in the bedroom anymore. She’d already had a couple of affairs with well-hung guys at the hospital where she works – and knowing she’d had their big dicks inside her pussy left me feeling in a state of complete and utter impotence. You see, I’d never been much of a lover in the first place, not helped by having just a four-inch dick that was frequently cursed by premature ejaculation. And I know that women often say that ‘Size doesn’t matter’ but I think we all know the truth about that. A bigger dick must give much better feelings – and having a small one that shoots it’s load too soon was never going to match me that much of a catch.

Actually, people often used to say that I was punching above my weight by having such an attractive and intelligent wife. I’m just your typical, dull male office worker, you see, whereas she is a very beautiful surgeon – and I’m still not sure why she put up with my pathetic attempts at sex for the 20 years we stayed together. In all honesty, I don’t think I ever once made her climax, except on the occasions where she’d make me use her toys on her. She had this huge collection of incredibly daunting 9-inch dildos and 9-inch vibrators that she’d get me to pump in and out of her cunt, because she knew my dick wasn’t big enough to please her. Or because I couldn’t get it up! Or because, having got it up, I spunked too soon!

Straight man in red French knickers and stockings

Hard-on Pills & Poppers

Naturally, when she left me, I could fully understand the reasons why – and for a while, I did wonder if I would ever find the confidence to sleep with another female again. I was forced to sell the family home and give her custody of my two teenage daughters, but I was left with enough cash to buy my own place. And thanks to that, for the first time in over 20 years, I had the freedom to explore some kinky things I might have never ever have done if I had still been living with my wife and kids. And what an exploration it’s been! Because after wallowing in intense self-pity for a bit, I just decided to wank myself back into happiness and try all manner of hard-on pills, poppers and delay sprays.

Now I had always been skeptical about these products in the past – and would have been way too embarrassed to have used them in front of my wife. She did suggest we go for counselling at one point, but the thought of speaking to a total stranger about not being able to get my tiny dick hard enough to satisfy my wife was too shameful for words. (Just as the thought of admitting I might have needed a hard-on pill to get erect for her would have been far too mortifying for words). But now I was alone, I figured I had the freedom to experiment – and after a first experiment with some Max Strength Golden Root that I bought from a nearby Private Shop, I went to an online pills and popper store and bought some Liquid Gold room aromas and some Spanish Fly. And just opening the cap of those room aromas is now enough to put some stiffness in my cock. I can instantly feel it getting bigger. I can instantly feel it getting harder. Then I’ll be whipping out a copy of a porno magazine and beating myself off to what will almost definitely be a really intense and sticky climax.

And using these room aromas is just the beginning of my sexual experimentations, which I will talk about here in the coming months. Since that first Golden Root pill and sniff of Liquid Gold, I’ve decided to be open to absolutely anything from knicker-sniffing, cross-dressing, anal play, massage parlours, escort meets, cocksucking and anything else that might get me hard! And in some ways, I would love my wife to read this blog and to see what a dirty, filthy sex slut I’ve become. Because I’m not that limp-dicked loser of a cuckold anymore! Now I’m hard all the time and spunking all the time!


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