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This tragic failure of masculinity has always had a desperate desire to transform into a sissy slut. He just never feels right in manly clothes and would much rather mince and ponce around in bras, panties, short skirts, stockings, suspenders and dresses that make him look like a whore. He also has a passion for putting on make-up, especially eye shadow, mascara and glossy red lipstick. And that's because it shows all alpha-males just what a total sissy cum-slut he is - and leaves them in no doubt that he is theirs to use however they please.


And pathetic though it sounds, this limp-wristed loser dreams of becoming a full-time whore - and he loves it when real men call him demeaning names, like faggot, slut, prostitute or tiny-dicked bitch. He also longs to pleasure several men at once and take cocks in his mouth and arsehole at the same time; and he gets far too excited by the thought of being totally drenched in real men's spunk. Yes, we're talking about a true sperm addict here! One who cannot get enough of that stuff! On his flesh! In his face! Up his arse! And down his throat!



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